Friday, 16 March 2012

The perspective seems a bit off from here

My studio needs tidying up
Right now I feel just a little bit sick. Worry and stress are taking their toll. Writing last week's blog seems only to have happened hours ago. It is hard to believe that it was actually seven full days. The list that I wrote then does not seem to have had very much struck from it:
  1. finish the last painting
  2. pick up five new cradles
  3. varnish the last three paintings
  4. put hanging on the last five large paintings
  5. photograph all of the paintings (some of them for the third time!)
  6. create titles for the last three paintings
  7. write a statement
  8. sign and title all of the paintings
  9. make a list of people to invite to the opening
  10. create and send out invites
  11. add a new series page to my website
  12. add a résumé page to my website
  13. add the new series to my Facebook page
  14. put out a press release
  15. work out prices for my paintings
  16. send statement and painting list to Union Gallery
  17. make opening night Facebook event and send invites
  18. deliver paintings to Union Gallery
  19. make a book of the series
  20. update accounts to cover expenses incurred in making the series
  21. tidy up the studio
  22. update website
I know I should be really pleased about what I have achieved so far (hey, look, I think I finished the last painting!), yet it is hard to feel much beyond the knot in my stomach. I have created some good work, about that I am certain. However there is still so much to do. Relaxing and feeling good about all of this isn't quite possible at the moment.

With less than three weeks to go until the opening, it is hard to find perspective. Other than  worrying about what I still have to do, I am also more than a little nervous about how the work will be received and equally so about whether it will sell. Money is always a factor and after doing some quick sums, I realise that even if the show completely sells out, I will still not make my basic living expenses for three months that I was working on the show. It is hardly a comforting thought and has to be tempered with the knowledge that I am not doing this for the money, I am doing this because I have to.

I have to make art. It is simply, as far as I am concerned, my reason for being here. The periods of stress and worry and doubt are all part of being an artist and I have more or less come to accept it. Knowing this, and that it will not last forever, that it will be balanced by better times, makes it easier to handle but it does not make it go away. So I will tell myself that this is the life I have chosen and want and then I will take a deep breath and get back to that list.

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