Monday, 30 April 2012

Worlds Apart - the book

In October of last year Alison Auldjo of Union Gallery approached me to be part of an exhibition, Worlds Apart, with Kevin Low. I agreed straight away and was very, very excited. I could not believe I would get the chance to show so much of my work at once in Edinburgh!

It seems as if this happened just yesterday and yet today that seemingly long-distant exhibition will close. The journey to this point has been at times a delight and at others a trial, nonetheless I would not change one moment of if.

I'm very grateful to everyone who helped me on the way to make the series of paintings that were my half of the show: to my supporters and patrons, to my family and friends, to Kevin, Alison and Rob and most of all to Megan. Being an artist can be a lonely calling. Without this network of special people, I might never have completed a series that contains some of my strongest work to date. Thank you all.

From today onwards, a book containing my complete Worlds Apart series goes on sale. It is a square book of 74 pages with a clean, modern design, that includes close ups of what I regard as the key works. As a bonus, the book also features an edited selection of my journal entries made as I created the series, giving an insight into the whole process. I am particularly pleased with the colour reproduction of the printed photos, that make these images look very close to my original paintings.

For those who made it to the exhibition, or those too far off to drop by, this will make a great souvenir of a key moment in my painting career. I really hope you'll pick up a copy – please let me know if you do, as I would love to say thanks!

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