Friday, 25 March 2011

A little way from finishing

As the weeks of daily office work mount up, its effect on my art becomes apparent. Most notably, it limits the time I can paint down to just weekends, as there is not enough head room on workday evenings to even contemplate painting. So each weekend I work on my paintings, however I am yet to finish one. Instead, the five day breaks between sessions mean that when I return to work on a piece, the original motivation for the work has altered. To work on further in light of this means either to make a mess of the piece, or to alter is so fully that the original idea is irrecoverably altered. Rather than risk falling into either of these situations, I have been putting half-worked pieces aside, to complete when I return to painting daily in a week's time. These are the thoughts in my head as I head into one last office life weekend.

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