Friday, 27 August 2010

I go to sleep

Last week's works in progress are still in progress and unfortunately in a less finished state than last week. I shall persevere and perhaps next week one or both will make another appearance. In the mean time, I think I have finally put this bugger to rest.

The canvas has had more incarnations that a thing with a lot of incarnations. It started out a few years ago as a pop art flower, before impacting with a night of out-of-this-world Sun Ra tributary music . This incarnation suffered from the never knowing when to quite problem, before being pushed into an even stupider place.

At the end of last week I spread some very lumpy plaster on it and then prompty ignored the resulting mess, figuring that once again I had made an arse of it. However, when I was stuck waiting for the other two works-in-progress dry, I had a little fiddle with it. A drippy, splashy fiddle. I then left it too to dry.

A few days later, I was sorting through my pile of text and something in the 'grinning' quote and this one just clicked. I had a slightly sinister chuckle, then spent longer than seems feasible figuring out where the text would fit on the canvas. Eventually I got it to work (the canvas is now flipped 180ยบ from its earlier incarnations), before adding a little garden twine and declaring it finished. (Well, for this year!)

1 comment:

  1. I really like the evolution of this piece and that you are willing to share all the steps along the way. That is something I have not really been willing to do with my paintings.

    I also like that I can still faintly see the text along the bottom of the piece, and that it remains from the last incarnation yet flipped so I can't really see it, just another layer or element.

    Here's to paintings being pushed into even "stupider" places, only to come out looking smart.