Friday, 21 May 2010

Status update: nine days to go

These ones are (yes) finished. (There, I finally wrote it.)

Don't need no sympathy 

Don't leave a light on for me

Existing in the impossible space inside binarism

Neither moving not particularly thinking, just being

You were sometimes hard to find

This next lot are in all in progress.

Wait for me because I waited for you
(in progress, 16x12")

Just in time to say goodbye 
(in progress, 16x12")

You came along and you pulled me through
(in progress, 20x16")

Drifting heavily through the slow night air
(in progress, 16x12")

Ain't it funny how the times flies
(in progress, 16x12")

Gaussian dispersal into nothingness, a mild, irreversible dissipation
(in progress, 30x20")

1 comment:

  1. Hot Damn!!!

    An impressive selection.
    You have been working hard and it shows.
    Excellent work! It is wonderful to see these all together. Looking forward to seeing how the works in progress are resolved as well.

    Rock and roll...